Guests at Hotel Catto-Suisse in Caorle can enjoy at no extra charge a private spot on Caorle's beach, private sun-umbrella and chaise longue.

The Consortium Arenili, the organization in charge of managing and maintaining Caorle's seashore, runs most of the initiatives related to the shores, first of all the service of lifeguards. The Consortium organizes several entertaining activities for children and adults on the beach and in town, such us games for children, mountain bike excursions, gentle workout, aerobics, and watergym. Caorle's shores are furnished with "bocce" fields (lawn-bowling), beach volley and basketball courts, fitness points for adults and playgrounds with swings for children. Trained staff provides baby-sitting service in dedicated areas. Once a week, visitors may also enjoy music entertainment and dance on the beach.


Gym - Aerobic - Aquagym
dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 09.30 Aerobic / Acquagym dalle 10.30 Aerobic / Acquagym dalle 16.30 Aerobic / Acquagym dalle 17.30 Aerobic / Acquagym
Baby animation
dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 09.30 Baby sittering dalle 16.30 Baby sittering
martedì e giovedì dalle 09.30 Mountain Bike
Fitness point
dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 09.30 Fitness


Caorle is situated at the top of Adriatic between Trieste and Venice and is a tourist resort where sea and shore meet history and culture. It goes back to the first millennium BC., along with the first settlements in the Venice lagoon. Caorle continued its history into the Roman era as a natural port for supplying nearby Julia Concordia. The depredations of Attila the Hun in Italy drove the peoples of Venetia and Friuli to take refuge in these lidos and the town was probably founded in 452 AD. Today, Caorle offers the visitor an attractive picture, both when viewed from the land and from the sea. Its cylindrical twelfth century bell tower and the extremely old Romanesque cathedral can be seen nestling against the delightful cliff top whilst the large old fishermen's town that runs along it offers houses in lively pastel shades, "calli" or Venetian alleys and sunny "campielli" or little squares. These attractions are unique to this area and have made the Venetian coastline renowned worldwide. The coast of Caorle, Porto S. Margherita and Duna Verde has 15 kilometres of beach that slopes gently down to the sea blending sea and sand into a single yellow-azure line that perfectly caters for all the holiday maker's needs. Here we find sunbeds and sunshades, cabins and showers, first aid stations and restaurants. Fishing is an important tradition at Caorle, which has one of the biggest fishing fleets in the northern Adriatic. The contact with sailors opens up unseen horizons and has given rise to stories of adventure and hardship that have become fascinating legends as they are passed down from father to son, whilst their origins are lost in the mists of time. As Caorle is an ancient fishing port, it of course also offers facilities for pleasure sailing with large marinas that can accommodate thousands of boats located at Porto Santa Margherita and at Villaggio dell'Orologio. The lagoon and the valleys are Caorle's great wealth, offering thousand of acres of reed beds and calm stretches of water where nature has remained unspoilt. Here and there, are to be found the "casoni", the old reed houses of the fishermen of the lagoon, which are unique historical and architectural records. It is not easy to describe a natural scene in which the only sound is that of the oars or the birds in flight, but this is what Ernest Hemingway did in some of the finest pages of his book "Beyond the river between the trees".